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Random thought of the day...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, March 28, 2006
While trying to avoid the latest reality TV celebrity career recovery programme I can't help but think that with the success of Jade Jones on the games, could we see Damage get back together and make a comeback? Would it really be such a bad thing? While Corree's single hardly made a noise and the others attempt at any solo music success have fallen on deaf ears, maybe they'll see what may become of Jade's new exposure. Ghetto romance still does it for me in the club and the album was good too. They may be getting on a bit now but Jade still looks as though he's still at college.

Speaking of other groups that seem to have disappeared, what ever happened to Evi-dence. The Crooklyn Clan took their You'll Never Find and made it over with Fatman 'can you hear me' Scoop to create one of those classiv AV8 bangers. But nothing was heard of since...


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