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Buy a star for the day...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, February 15, 2006
You can buy all sorts of tat on ebay these days from fake G-Unit chains to a blood stained Rick James jumpsuit, but now you can literally buy your favourite rapper/singer. Well an hour of their time at least. As part of the Lunch With A Leader celebrity online auction fanatics and stalkers out there can buy lunch with Alicia Keys or Russell Simmons amongst others, which helps the Communities In Schools organisation who deal with dropout prevention. Snoop Dogg is offering an hour of studio time with the shizzle himself with the winners money going towards the Habitat For Humanity Operation Home Delivery Fund which looks to help rebuild houses in wake of the Hurricane's Katrina and Rita.

Lunch With A Leader
Snoop Studio Time

Other stars are sure to follow and at present it's uncomfirmed whether a selection of titles from Kanye Wests porn treasure chest to Janet Jackons clothes (circa 2005) have found it's way online.


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