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Nas signs with Def Jam...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jay-Z has finally made his first major Hip-Hop move since taking the Def Jam throne by signing old foe Nas to a deal. Rumours were abound for months that Nas may sign for Def Jam and his public making up with Jay last October further fueled the possible link up. Escobar still had two albums left of his Sony deal and they will be released through both labels with a split share of the profits. All marketing and production costs will be coming from Def Jam. As expected there should be a collaboration between the two artists and production may just come from one man - DJ Premier. In their recent issue Scratch magazine got both Nas and DJ Premier together with both revealing details of a forthcoming album from the pair. Premier said "I'm getting excited just thinking about it, because I know what he's gonna do and he knows what I'm gonna do. We already hear it, before it's done. When he gets a bangin' beat, he jumps right into the pocket...I really hope we can get it crackin'."

The latest issue of Scratch is out now.


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