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Sounds that shaped the year...R'n'B singles...

Published by Warren Dell under on Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Everyone starts to reminisce about this time of year on the past 12 months of things they did, where they went and maybe whom they did. Music is no different and while you’ll probably be sick of reading everyone’s lists at this time of the year here’s a few more to fuel the fire. Over the next week I’ll be naming the tracks that have shaped my year in the R’n’B and Hip-Hop world, be looking ahead to some treats to look forward to in 2006 and proudly present the first It’s The Shiznit awards. Their like the Grammy’s but less prestigious. Enjoy.

R’n’B singles
2005 was a year in which r’n’b came out of the shadow of Hip-Hop to gain respect in its own right. There were still too many tracks that relied on guest rap cameos, but on the whole there were still plenty of tracks from club bangers to slow jams that shaped 2005. Newcomers Ryan Leslie and Rihanna all produced singles worthy of attention and returning heroes 112 and Donnell Jones all get honourable mentions for their efforts. The UK scene although hardly getting the support it deserves did at least have some shining lights with Nate James Set The Tone showing promise at the start of the year and Nathan came with two songs that deserved more in Come Into My Room and Round and Round. Terri Walker was unfortunately dropped from her record company but provided us with the excellent L.O.V.E and will no doubt be back next year. The US as always dominated and there were great singles from Keyshia Cole, Ciara and Gwen Stefani dropped the massive Hollaback Girl while the great Stevie Wonder returned to show he could still cut it in these times.

Below are the tracks in no particular order that had The Shiznit getting down and doing their one-two step.

Amerie – 1 Thing
If this were in any order then this would be the number one track full stop. Amerie was unlucky to not get the recognition she deserved with her debut album All I Have but Rich Harrison’s heavy drum beat made sure she got hers as 1 Thing pushed her into superstardom and became our soundtrack to the summer. Still sounding fresh even now nearly 9 months after it first surfaced.

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together
No matter what you say about her she is undoubtedly one of the true great singers and after a torrid time can lay claim to 2005 as her the year where she received attention for all the right reasons. We Belong Together was the pick of the bunch from a bevy of Jermaine Dupri produced hits.

John Legend – Ordinary People
This was the song that made people know Mr Legend was for real. A modern soul classic with just the piano accompanying a voice that didn’t seem to escape the airwaves all year with good reason.

Mario – Let Me Love You
It’s inevitable that any male star will be compared to Usher but if anyone can live up to those comparisons it’s Mario. Let Me Love You was No.1 in the US for weeks and it gained instant success on these shores for this touching number from someone who is only 18 and yet displaying a maturity beyond his years.

Bobby Valentino – Slow Down
Ludacris DTP clique didn’t do R’n’B records, until early this year when they unleashed a talent by the name of Bobby Valentino on us with his ode to that girl who walks by that steals your attention. Slowdown was an international hit with its appeal attracting plaudits from the pop to the modern soul crowd.

Omarion - O
Another male solo star that had a breakout year, leaving the shadow of his B2K days behind him with his debut O. Rather than come out with a catchy club number Omarion went with the slower O, which showed off his talent and let us know his teenager days were behind him with this mature and seductive number.

Alicia Keys – Unbreakable
Somehow this track didn’t make the Diary of Alicia Keys album but thankfully made it as a bonus track on the latest in the MTV Unplugged series. Its ode to celebrating relationships gave us one of Miss Keys most upbeat numbers and only adds anticipation to her next album.

Faith Evans – Again
Faith came back with a vengeance giving the media the finger while announcing she wasn’t ashamed of any of her past mistakes. Why she hasn’t picked up the credit she deserves is beyond me.

Lynden David Hall – Day Off
He’s currently battling a serious illness but this didn’t stop LDH dropping his first set in five years, which included this little gem. Another who it escapes me why he hasn’t reached the heights he should do, the record public need to hold their head in shame for missing out on this talent.

Craig David – All The Way
After a long absence away from the scene Southampton’s finest proved he was still born to do it with this club driven track of good times matching anything of similar vein seen from the US.


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