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Sounds that shaped the year...R'n'B Albums...

Published by Warren Dell under on Sunday, December 18, 2005
Not the best of years for releases but as you can see from below there were still plenty of good music on offer. ..

Metropolis – The Voyage

Without a doubt the best Soul/R’n’B album released this year, yet a shame only a small few were able to appreciate the soulful tones of Metropolis. The Voyage was an independent release and a provided listeners with 20 sublime mid-tempo cuts. There are so many great tracks on here that it was hard to pick one to include in my top singles list, so I left it out to not do an injustice to the other tracks. It’s said quite a lot these days but there really isn’t many albums that don’t have you reaching for the skip button. Hunt this down as soon as.

Amerie – Touch

Touch contained the single of the year in 1 Thing but there were plenty of other tracks on here to get your moneys worth. Rich Harrison and Amerie have worked to better the previous album All I Have with Man Up, Rolling Down My Face and All I Need the standouts on this excellent set.

Bobby Valentino – DTP Presents

A year ago no one had heard of Bobby Valentino but he’s now firmly in the minds after a succession of singles from his debut long player. His first was an ode to the girl who takes your breath away on Slow Down while Tell Me was aimed at the more shaped figured women. A few of the songs are in a similar vein to Slow Down but there is plenty of material to suggest longevity in the industry and appeal to pop fans and modern soul fans alike.

Lynden David Hall – In Between Jobs

Released through former 1Xtra DJ Digz’ Random Soul label Lynden David Hall kept it simple with just ten tracks, but ten tracks full of some of the best Soul music heard in the last few years. A welcome return to the scene after a five year absence between albums. Lets hope that Lynden’s personal battle with serious illness ends soon and he can continue producing albums of this quality. and giving songs like In Between Jobs, Don’t Hide Your Heart and the beautiful Day Off can get an airing on the live circuit.

Dwele – Some Kinda…

Detroit Soul star Dwele released his second album in 2005 to more critical acclaim. From the B-Boy stance of Keep On, which features fellow Motor City alumni Slum Village to the metaphorically speaking track Flapjacks, Dwele provided a packed album of goodness to satisfy the neo-soul heads.

John Legend – Get Lifted

Last year he got into our ears with various guest appearances but with his debut long player coming in early January, John Legend backed up his self-appointed surname with a truly memorable album. From the first single Used To Love You to the tales of cheating on Alright this album took the man to heady heights, but it was Ordinary People that propelled Legend further and into the minds of a broader audience.

Omarion – O

Following in the foot steps of brother Marques Houston in leaving his group and going solo, Omarion made the move from teenage heartthrob to young adult with ease. Displaying maturity on O and Slow Dancing yet still being able to count on his previous fan bases support with the more up beat numbers Touch and Drop That Heater. The track I Wish featuring his brother and one time neighbour of everyone’s favourite twins Tia and Timera was one of the years best mid-tempo cuts that sadly didn’t see a release.

Mariah Carey – Emancipation Of Mimi

This was an important album for two reasons. Firstly Mariah firmly put her troubles of recent times behind her best effort in years. Secondly the man behind the album Jermaine Dupri stepped it up a notch and received the credit he’d son longed for yet somehow had missed out on. The two brought the best out of each other with hit single after hit single, Get Your Number and It’s Like That had the people flocking to the dance floor while Shake It Off was Carey at her sultry best. It was We Belong Together though that truly reaffirmed her status and is one of her biggest hits to date.

R – Kelly – TP3.COM

The Pied Piper of R’n’B continued with his prolific release schedule of one album a year with the third instalment of his TP collection, which included one of the most, talked about songs of the year – Trapped In The Closet. Five parts in total were on this long player and there is word of more parts to follow in the future. While Trapped was R Kelly at his song writing best he still had hits for the club teaming up with Compton’s poster child The Game and continued bringing the Chicago steppers style to the masses on the very under rated Summertime. For my money this should have been a massive summer hit but unfortunately never had the chance out in the mainstream.

Craig David – The Story Goes

Some may have wondered whether Craig David would still be relevant after his long absence from the scene but while maybe playing it safe with the overall direction of the album to please the commercial audience, he still showed he could cut it with his most personal album to date. Johnny tackled the subject of Craig’s experiences with bullying and the sublime Thief In The Night was a tale of a girl cheating with his friend that was as good as anything the US have produced of a similar vein. Just Don’t Love You No More was a crossover hit but their was still material for the Urban masses with the lead single All The Way, a great club track.


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