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These aren't The Shiznit...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

  1. That bloody Frog – He’s back to spread some Christmas joy. Makes a Westlife track sound soothing.
  2. No party rings at Scruff – Why were there no party rings at the Scruff gig? They’re the most Hip-Hop biscuit in the tin.
  3. Channel U’s quality control – No one can fault what the channels done for UK music but any man with a PS2, cheap camera and a crew can be found on screen now. Who decides what gets played?
  4. The wait for the new series of Curb Your Enthusiasm – Series 5 is on in the States now; More4 has finally picked up on Larry David’s brilliance over here and has been showing series 4. But I want 5.
  5. Lost – Plane crash and then stranded shenanigans on an Island. How many episodes? What? A second series?


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