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Keep It Unreal...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mr Scruff took his eclectic and rather large record collection on the road this winter and stopped off in my area last week as part of his Keep it Unreal tour. For those that have seen the man play live before you can count yourself lucky, I too can now join the brigade and for those that haven't been please make sure you do next time he's in your manor. It would be rude not too. The Brook in Southampton is more used to playing host to bands rather than just the one DJ, but with two projector screens either side of him showing animation and a flawless selection of records all eyes were towards the stage rather than breaking out their one-two step. Starting off with some Reggae to welcome the people he started to switch it up with a selection of B-boy classics and a host of breaks that had the nerds quickly reciting to the person next to them who sampled it. With a seemless transition from track to track you didn't realise one minute you were listening to Common's 'Be' to an old school dance number with some rock thrown in the middle such is the skill of the man. Any night that serves a selection of tea and biscuits with an eclectic mix of 45's is bound to be a winner, yes that's right tea and biscuits. While the latest Channel U mc to pick up the mic waves around his bottle of Hypnotic Scruff keeps it ghetto with Twinnings finest and delivered a great night of good vibes. A massive fan of tea like the Queen, Mr Scruff decided to combine his two loves and set up his own tea shop at all of his tour dates with all money raised going to charity, what a nice man.

Check out for tour dates and information on how to buy mugs, tea pots and other hot beverage paraphernalia.


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