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Time for a rant...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, August 08, 2005
It’s always been a very typical thing of the British tabloids when we have a rising talent on our hands - to build them up and then knock them down. Whether it’s a musician or a footballer, movie star or politician there have been many cases over the last few years from David Beckham to Mariah Carey where the papers have celebrated their talent and then swiftly brought them down. It seems the writers would much rather slag someone off than write about someone doing well.

There was a piece in yesterdays Sun newspaper by their Bizarre columnist Victoria Newton about our very own Craig David and a photo with his latest female companion. The basis of the piece was basically saying she was only on his arms as he has a new album and single out and included pictures of pervious girlfriends in the months where he had material to promote.

Now it’s understandable for the paper a year ago to not publish any pictures with him and a girl (and I’m sure there were opportunities to do so) as he wasn’t in the public eye and the reader would have preferred to read about a member of Blue’s latest female conquest. Now it makes sense as yes he has his album coming out but to start saying that he has only been going out with these woman because he has something to promote is intrusive in his private life and an unfair assessment of his character.

Although I have never met the guy, whenever I’ve read, seen or heard interviews with him he doesn’t come across as some womaniser a la Calum Best but a genuine down to earth guy, who has done well with the talent he has. If his job enables him to meet these beautiful woman then you can only say fair play to him, us fella’s would be exactly the same.

When he burst on the scene five years back, everyone from the tabloids to magazines like Smash Hits were hailing him as a great British talent, now everyone one associated to the Urban scene will know that nothing has changed and he is still very talented and has a much anticipated album out soon, yet it seems that as an established act it’s time for the tabloids to pick fault and bring him down.

Hopefully the next time he is in the paper it’ll be on a more positive note.


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