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Craig David - The Story Goes...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In his absence of the last couple years it’s been a Bo Selecta caricature of Craig David that has been getting more attention than the man himself, but that’s about to change with the release of his latest and third album, The Story Goes…

While anticipation for the album hasn’t been as great as when his first two were released, this isn’t an album to be overlooked and whether you’re a straight up Urban music fan or prefer something with a more crossover appeal, you’ll find there’s something for everyone on here.

For the Urban crowd you’ll have by now heard the first single ‘All The Way’, which went in the charts a credible number three. This is backed up by another one tailor made for the clubs ‘Just Chillin’ and the mid-tempo cut ‘Hypnotic’. As well as working with long time collaborator Mark Hill on the majority of the album, Craig gets behind the boards himself, co-producing the excellent ‘Thief In The Night’, a track about his girl cheating on him with his friend. The slow jam is as good, if not better than anything you’ll hear this year from an American or UK artist.

While the first two albums were about a young Craig looking for love, The Story Goes is a much more personal account of relationships and heartbreak, as depicted on ‘Don’t Love You No More’ and ‘Separate Ways’. Both have crossover appeal and the former looks set to be the next single. Other tracks of note are ‘Take Em Off’, which sees Craig in a more seductive tone and the song writing of the tracks ‘Unbelievable’ and ‘One Last Dance’. But the most personal of them all is ‘Johnny’, another track with crossover appeal dealing with bullying and if you listen to the lyrics it’s clear that it’s something Craig had to deal with as a youngster.

Since the release of his first album ‘Born To Do It’, Craig hasn’t stopped promoting, touring and then recording his second album but his absence away from the public eye in the last two years has enabled him to grow as a person and an artist, something which benefits this album. One of the true great talents in this country.

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