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Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, April 11, 2005
Straight into this months shiznit and we have the return of Amerie with the excellent single 1 Thing. Many criminally slept on her first album but with this return it will open up many who missed her first time around. Produced by Rich Harrison (this guy doesn’t get enough credit) of Crazy in love fame this stripped down drumbeat will defy you not to move. This should bring the commercial success she deserves. Can’t wait for that album.

Gwen Stefani's last single Rich Girl got mixed reactions from some quarters but I think it was still a decent cut. After going with Dre on that one (or putting his name on it) Gwen enlists the help of The Neptunes for Hollaback Girl. Take it from me this is Gwen’s Milkshake as she rides the heavy hip-hop beat which will surely be the prelude to many emcees laying down their own versions.

The third single from Snoops successful Rhythm and Gangsta album sees three generations of talent line up to create a feel good track that will be just as successful as the previous two releases. Signs is one of the highlights of the album and fully deserved of its release. The Neptunes handle production and it’s one of their best pieces of work to date creating the perfect setting for Snoops laid back rhymes and the vocal talents of Timberlake and Wilson. Expect heavy play on radio and in the clubs for this one.

Whether you enjoyed how experimental the new Mos Def album was or not, there is no denying what a sublime track Sunshine is. Well Geffen have acted on its acclaim and done the right thing in releasing this one. With the appeal of Kanye West onboard as producer the track utilises a great sample and the beat can be likened to I try by Talib Kweli. Mos has again delivered a refreshing slice of Hip-Hop in this day an age of gangster rapper popularity. The real Hip-Hop is over here.

No one has had as many ups and downs as Mariah Carey but it seems that is all behind her now as she returns with It’s like that from her new The Emancipation of Mimi album. Defiantly singing ‘no stress, no fights, I’m leaving it all behind’ it’s safe to say that she is finally letting the music do the talking. Jermaine Dupri is behind the boards and has really been producing some of his best work the last couple of years. This is another one which only let down is the inclusion of Fatman Scoop. He does serve a purpose in hyping the crowd as shown on his singles but here he only takes the gloss off what is a slick return for Mariah. There is also a remix produced by Scott Storch that features Fat Joe and is one to keep an eye out for.

Following on from the politically charged Why, Jadakiss comes with a more commercial orientated single called U Make Me Wanna. Featuring the vocal talents of Mariah Carey U Make Me Wanna sounds very similar to Tweets Call Me track with the Indian influenced production. Nothing new in the way of subject matter as Jadakiss chats about a special someone but it still serves it’s purpose as the ‘radio tailored track’ like so many Hip-Hop albums tend to have these days.

Although bizarre coming two years after it’s initial US release Marques Houston's That Girl looks set to be released. This was one of the first cuts we heard on promo from his underrated album and is a very soulful mid tempo track. From the same management guy Chris Stokes comes Omarion, now on the solo tip after the break up of B2K. His track I’m tryin is big in the US right now and could go on to do big things here as we await his debut album.

Bobby Valentino is the first r’n’b act signed to the Disturbing The Peace camp and his track Slow Down is touching all the right nerves at the moment. The ladies are gonna feel him and the men will be able to appreciate the lyrics. This slow jam shows a lot of promise for his debut set.

The second single from The Game’s album is Love it or hate it and features 50 Cent again. Fiddy has been calling the album his EP but I suppose if it aint broke don’t fix it. A story of the underdog this isn’t club material but is still a decent single. Keep an eye out for a Mary J. Blige version, which is floating about on the underground at the moment, heavy stuff.

Other material worth checking out at the moment is Doc Browns album Documentary, Akala’s single Roll wit us and the new DJ Format album If you can't join em' beat em'.


Matt Payne said... @ 12:10 PM

Dang Warren my fleetass bredrin, that tune Rich Girl is too fresh. But you gotta check out the original from Fiddler on the Roof, its mean and been keeping my gran keen for years.

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