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BIG DVD Review...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, April 20, 2005
The mixtape DVD scene has been blowing up on the underground in the UK now for a minute. It’s a great way for artists to get recognition and let their fans get to know them, while at the same time promoting their music and continuing the growth of the scene.

In recent months it’s the Grime scene that has been churning out the DVDs from releases such as the Lord Of The Mics and Risky Roads series. But the latest release available focuses on UK Hip Hop.

BIG is the official UK Hip Hop music lifestyle DVD from MadDog Productions that features interviews and freestyles from the hottest acts that are making moves on the UK scene right now.

Everyone from Sway, Baby Blue and Kyza to the lesser known acts such as Arms Length, B-Sharp and The Execution Squad are on this DVD giving a nice snapshot of the developing scene we have here.

The DVD opens up with the man of the hour Sway who is joined by Biggs at The Max Power show checking out the rides and fooling around with the talent on display. Baby Blue let’s you know where she gets her kicks from and takes us on a tour of Deal Real Records store while Kyza drops knowledge inside a London takeaway!

Other artists featured include Blak Twang protégé K9, Street Politiks, Slim Dutty and many more who drop knowledge on how they started and lace the camera with a freestyle.

It’s not just the artists that get to shine though. Key players in the scene from Rewind editor Matt Mason to your favourite clothing shop Dark’n’Cold are featured. For those unaware of the two you’ll get an understanding of how they began and how they are supporting the scene develop.

Luke Biggins is a name you may not be familiar with but he is responsible for some of the freshest videos of the moment from Blak Twang to Estelle and he talks about how he got started, his company and future plans including his first feature film. Another outlet that is supporting the artists is The Lyrical Pad night down in Camden and the DVD includes a performance of Up Your Speed from Sway and Pyrelli on a recent night.

Releases like the BIG DVD are important for artists not signed to a major to get the attention of the people and get their message across. The DVD highlights the work that is going on independently on the scene and proving that you don’t need a major backing you to get on in this industry. If you put the grind in then you can move units and make a living like the featured artists.

The BIG team have put together a decent package and even throw in some Essex girls playing up to the camera for good measure! But seriously get to the independent stores to pick this one up as it’s a valuable and enjoyable two hours of UK artists repping the UK scene to the fullest.


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