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Lupe to retire after his next album...does anyone still care?

Published by Warren Dell under , on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another rapper makes plans to retire, but when will they realise no one believes them?

Lupe Fiasco has announced that he might retire after releasing his third album titled LupEND but in recent years we've come to learn that retirement doesn't last for long.

Both Jay-Z and Wiley have returned to the mic and released albums after claiming they were done with the music game and Lupe himself has already made such claims in the past. So why do they do it? And do we believe them

Jay-Z didn't stray far from music, taking up a position at Def Jam and maybe Wiley needed more time to banter with the teens on the RWD forum, but we were never convinced and both have made music since. I'd expect Lupe to be doing the same.

For the record, LupEND is going to be a three disc epic with the titles 'Everywhere', 'Nowhere' and 'Down here'.

They may at the time be honest intentions but fans are no longer worried when they hear an artists retirement claims, just wondering when, not if, the next album will be released.

Lupe Fiasco bowing out with three disc set


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