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The Big Five...

Published by Warren Dell under , on Friday, August 22, 2008
Sneaky Sound System – Pictures

Been a round for a while but still can’t get this out of my head. Plenty of influences in this one and appeals to plenty.

Sam Sparro – 21st Century Life

One of the standouts from one of my favourite albums this year so far. We can all relate to the lyrics here.

Roll Deep feat Janee – Do Me Wrong

The vocals of the lovely Janee are all over this but Flowdan, Manga and new recruit J2K still make their input count on Roll Deep’s new tune. Perfect material for the club, or getting ready for the club with its feel good vibes.

Shapeshifters – Chime

Acid House is back!!!!!!!!!

Wookie feat Ny – Fallin Again

Wookie’s excellent Gallium gets a vocal from Ny and takes it to a new level. Now under the guise of Fallin Again, this track is doing a lot right now.


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