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Jay-Z - Roc Boys Video

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We the dope boys of the year...drinks is on the house!!

Check out those horns, this is the most upbeat track on American Gangster as Jay Hova reaches the high point in the narrative of this concept album. This is already better than Kingdom Come, which to be fair wasn't really up to much at all. Kind of listening to that reminded how disappointed I was listening to the Blueprint 2. Yes it was a mature album from someone now in his mid thirties but with so much rubbish around in Hip-Hop you need Jay-Z doing what he does best - spitting about his hustle over a soulful blaxpoitation soundtrack. On American Gangster he is back to that era and the listening is all the much better for it and will say now, the production from Diddy and his hitmen is of top notch qaulity. If the name Madlib or Pete Rock was behind these beats b-boys would cream. You can't knock Jays hustle, but you can't knock Diddys on this one either.

Check this video of Jay-Z talking about the involement of Diddy.


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