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Example on the Culture Show...Being a stand up comedian...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, October 29, 2007

Check the footage of Example as he tries his hand at being a comedian. First on an open mic night in a pub to opening up for the large collared Harry Hill. He also performed You Can't Rap with his band in the studio.

I didn't have time to do a review for What We Made when it came out last month, but the album is definately one of my favourite releases so far. Plenty of wit as you would expect from previous releases and the infamous Beat Stevie clips, but on tracks No Sleep For The Wicked and the title track he shows that he can write about serious matter and write well. The single I Don't Want To and Birthday Card are perfect examples (sorry!) of his story telling and carries on the same vein that label head Mike Skinner has set for The Beats. The latter track, a tale of forgetting the other halfs birthday card is perfect comfort for blokes out there and has massive crossover potential. Throw in references to his favourite eateries, cinema interuptions and getting head from posh birds - What We Made adds up to a pleasently refreshing album. Example knows his strengths and plays up to them in the delivery of his subject matter. He isn't trying to sit in that box full of UK Hip-Hop and is better for it, infact the white guy from Fulham could easily become a bonafide pop star and you wouldn't bet against or begrudge it.


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