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Blues & Soul magazine on hold...

Published by Warren Dell under on Monday, August 13, 2007

Just as it's reached the 1000th issue Blues & Soul magazine has ceased publication for the time being. The iconic magazine has been the voice of soul and the various styles of music that have come out of the genre for over 40 years, but due to its current publisher going into receivership, the magazine racks will be a little light on the black music front for a while.

I first picked up the magazine while at school just seven years ago and it was still mainly a black and white publication bar the cover. It later went with more colour until earlier in the year it relaunched with colour throughout and a new size. The new publishers 4 The Wall Ltd had freshened the publication to give it a more modern feel and had received praise from the music industry and many long term readers.

The title will see the light with a new publisher and gladly so, at the moment the earliest it would resurface is September. In the meantime the website, newly launched in recent months, will still operate and update the situation with the magazine.


Anonymous said... @ 5:25 PM

Whatever! Blues & Soul magazine ceased being relevant and has been failing for years.

Anonymous said... @ 10:36 AM

I was shocked to hear the news about Blues & Soul through the UK distributor after much phoning. My newsagent had not received a copy for some time and asked me to enquire. I wish Blues & Soul a speedy return to its buying public.

For me it has always been relevant, modern catering for a wide spectrum of Soul & Dance music past and present. New magazines come and go but you can rely on your trusty old Blue & Soul. May reign and prosper for many, many, many years to come.

Please hurry back soon! Me and my newsagent are waiting.

Anonymous said... @ 9:02 AM

Come on this magazine is really relevant. I think it has just lost touch its audience. Hurry up and come back

Anonymous said... @ 11:11 PM

It is still going, not as a magazine... ONLINE ONLY. I know cos I just read it at welcome back!

Anonymous said... @ 7:25 PM

had to move house when the loft wouldn't take any more copies.
Stroll on the restart of an iconic publication.
How about some government money here.Who wants to save Range Rover and let B&S fall by the wayside.

Anonymous said... @ 12:46 PM

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Anonymous said... @ 12:59 PM

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