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Its Me Again...

Published by Warren Dell under on Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We may have had to wait three years but with Its Me Again, Tweet has made sure that its been worth the wait.

On the albums intro, over a piano loop Tweet recites her happiness at being able to deliver another chapter in her life and I’m glad that she has.

The first single Turn The Lights Off will by now be familiar to you and this sets the scene for the album. There may not be an up-tempo track in the vein of Oops (oh my) or Boogie 2 Nite but there is plenty of soulful ballads and laid back R’n’B to keep everyone happy.

From Tweet dealing with a relationship turned sour on Iceberg to falling in love with someone un-expectantly on the Rell assisted duet Could It Be, Tweet displays less of the uncertainty she faced on SouthernHummingbird. Now she has come to terms with the trials and tribulations of love and this maturity is displayed throughout.

Tweet brings her daughter in on the project on the lovely Two Of Us. Her voice sounds like her mum and at 15 we may have a future talent on our hands.

The track Sports, Sex & Food has a great retro feel with its piano and hand clapping beat. This is almost like a calling for woman as Tweet drops knowledge by telling woman how to get their man.

Other highlights include the Missy Elliott featured Things I Don’t Mean and Taxi.

The only disappointing aspect of the album is that Missy throws in one to many shout outs, which interrupt the flow of a song. Apart from that this is an album that will be on many peoples lists at the end of the year for best album. Another modern classic from the Southern Hummingbird.


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